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Watch: Ex-GOP Congressman Sides With Amash And Bashes Republicans Who Attacked Him


Watch: Ex-GOP Congressman Sides With Amash And Bashes Republicans Who Attacked Him

Retired Pennsylvania Republican Congressman Charlie Dent went after Republicans on Monday for attacking Rep. Justin Amash (R-MI) after he concluded that the Mueller report contains enough evidence to impeach Donald Trump.

Dent appeared on CNN to talk about Amash’s conclusion and Republicans attacking him for it.

“What does this mean for Republicans on Capitol Hill right now?” CNN correspondent Phil Mattingly asked on Monday.

“I don’t think this really changes the narrative that other Republicans are going to jump on board. This is a crack in the windshield, probably not going to spread. I was chuckling a bit in your lead up here hearing people say that Justin Amash is not a conservative, and he’s very libertarian.”

“I don’t think he did this for political gain. It’s not helping him politically in his district. He’s had problems with establishment Republicans and with Trump Republicans, so he’s taking quite a political risk by doing this,” he said.

“Can you explain his place at the Republican conference,” Mattingly said.

“He’s very libertarian. He can be very intellectually honest and votes against a lot of bills. Even in the majority he would vote against things. He’s a bit of an outlier,” Dent noted.

Dent went on to claim that most Republicans in Congress have barely skimmed through the Mueller report and did not fully read it as Amash did.

“I think most members have read through it, at least the most salient part. I won’t say that they have studied it in-depth as Justin Amash did,” Dent said.

Take a look at the video clip below:

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