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Watch: Fox News Contributor Goes Off The Rails Saying Medicare For All Is The Real Culprit Behind Mass Shootings


Conservatives will blame just about anything before they say gun laws are the reason mass shootings continue to happen in America. That was the case on Thursday when Fox contributor Rachel Campos-Duffy told “Fox & Friends” that Medicare for All is the likely culprit for mass shootings.

Campos-Duffy insisted that Medicare for All would increase the likelihood of mass shootings by lowering access to mental health care.

Rep. Sean Duffy (R-Wisc.) noted the lack of mental health care in his state, noting that if mass shooters got the treatment they need, they might not go on murderous rampages.

“And I would just say, Medicare for All is going to make that worse. You’re going to have less reimbursement for people in the mental health profession,” Campos-Duffy said.

“We already have a shortage of that. So, if you’re worried about mental health — which we should be — in light of all those events that we’re seeing, then we really should consider, what will Medicare for All do to our mental health services?”

One thing Fox News did not mention is that many countries who provide government-run public health care do not have higher rates of mass shootings than America.

Take a look at the remarks in the video clip below:

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