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Watch – Fox News Host Gets Called Racist To His Face On Live TV, Has A Mental Breakdown: ‘That’s BS!’

On Wednesday, Fox Business host David Asman was called out by his colleague Marie Harf after he used the phrases “good immigrants” and “assimilate” while talking about immigration.

Asman began a segment of Outnumbered by saying that the “wrong people” were being allowed to enter the United States while using the term “illegals.”

“Too many illegals come in that don’t assimilate well into our culture,” Asman opined. “And too few good legals who do it the legal way to come in. We have to make it easier for qualified immigrants who want to work and assimilate in the country to come in.”

Harf then noted that the terms “good immigrants” and “assimilation” are often used in racist ways, but Asman wouldn’t let her and said:

“It means speaking English, it means being willing to work instead of taking welfare,” Asman trumpeted. “It means a lot of specific things. I know a lot of immigrants. I used to cover Latin America for 12 years. I know a lot of good immigrants who have been trying for years, decades to get into this country!”

“Some of those words are used — not by you, but by other people — in very not good terms,” Harf explained. “In terms of the history of immigration in this country.”

“What are you talking about,” Asman angrily interrupted. “Racism?”

“Absolutely,” Harf replied.

“That’s B.S.!” Asman shouted.

“Let’s me finish, please,” Harf pleaded.

“I don’t want to allow anybody to suggest that the words that I just uttered are racist in any way,” Asman stated.

“I said, that’s not what you did,” Harf remarked. “I said people use those terms in the immigration debate in ways that I find deeply offensive.”

“There are crazy people and bad people everywhere,” Asman insisted. “And what I say won’t stop them from being that. That doesn’t stop the fact that the immigration system is broken and needs to be fixed.”

“When you talk about ‘good immigrants’…” Harf tried to challenge Asman before he cut her off.

“People willing to work and assimilate into what this country is,” Asman said. “It’s that simple.”

“So, they give up their entire culture,” Harf shot back.

“No!” Asman complained. “Assimilate so we don’t have the kind of situation they have in Europe where people stay completely isolated in their own communities and don’t assimilate into the culture. It’s very simple.”

“The language is very charged,” Harf observed. “And we just need to be careful.”

Take a look at the confrontation below:

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