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WATCH: Fox News Host Goes Berserk, Demands Obama Be Arrested For Criticising Trump

Trump-loving Fox Business News host Lou Dobbs seems to have officially gone insane. On Friday the networks business news host demanded that former President Barack Obama be arrested for criticising Donald Trump while on an overseas trip.

Dobbs grew angry after Obama offered some advice to Trump. The former president told the current one to “Think before you speak, think before you tweet.”

Dobbs went on a rant.

“I think U.S. Marshals should follow him, and any time he wants to go follow the President like he is, and behave…” Dobbs said while speaking with publisher Steve Forbes. “I mean, this is just bad manners. It’s boorish and it’s absurd and he doesn’t realize how foolish he looks.”

“I mean, he should be brought back by the Marshals. Isn’t there some law that says presidents shouldn’t be attacking sitting presidents?” Dobbs asked Forbes who laughed off the question and quipped, “There’s an unwritten one. Sort of a Logan Act for ex-presidents, but it is unenforceable.”

Take a look at the video clip below:

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