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WATCH: Fox News Panel Makes A Fool Of Themselves Trying To Defend Trump’s Attack On The Eagles

Fox News continues to side with Donald Trump no matter what he does. And now they’re siding with him in his feud with the Philadelphia Eagles.

Trump was upset after the team had tried to schedule their White House visit while the president was in Singapore and after trying to only send a few players with the owner and a mascot.

As a result of his rage, Trump decided to uninvite the whole Eagles team and he decided to hold an event at the White House.

Mollie Hemingway of The Federalist tried defending Trump by blaming liberals for not pledging loyalty to Trump and what he stands for.

“People also said he shouldn’t have talked about the national anthem all during last NFL season and he ended up doing pretty well in that debate, just politically speaking,” she said. “People, of course, have freedom of speech but there are some deeper issues in play. In a country that cannot have shared symbols and shared an understanding of the importance of a country, the values we hold in terms of our Constitutional founding is in a very dangerous spot.”

Host Bret Baier pointed out that Trump made his statement by picking a team that did not protest by kneeling.

“He’s a cultural warrior. He feels this is a good issue for him. He’s going to keep hammering on it until November,” said Mara Liasson of National Public Radio. “I think he wanted to make this point, and it was too bad he had a team to work with that didn’t kneel because there he had to misrepresent the facts because he wants this issue and he’s going to take every possible opportunity to push it.”

Take a look at the video clip below:

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