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Watch: Fox News Panel Turns On ‘Liar’ Sarah Sanders: ‘She Has No Credibility’

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders appears to have lost credibility with the only media outlet that promotes her lies as truth: Fox News.

On Sunday, Fox’s “Media Buzz” host Howie Kurtz and his guests delivered a surprisingly critical rebuke of Sanders’ refusal to acknowledge she gave reporters false information when discussing a meeting at Trump Tower in 2016.

Host Kurtz blasted the White House spokeswoman for refusing “to even engage or acknowledge the question” asked by reporter Josh Dawsey who cited a statement from Donald Trump’s lawyers that the president personally dictated a response to the meeting currently under investigation — completely contradicting Sanders’ previous comments.

Panelist and Federalist editor Mollie Hemingway only lightly defended Sanders.

“Last year she specifically said Trump didn’t dictate the letter,” Hemingway recalled. “The attorney’s letter said he did. That is something that needs to be dealt with.”

“No one begrudges her for having had false information,” Hemingway said. “And it’s not a big deal whether the president dictated this letter or not. But something needs to be done to restore credibility when you have said something that’s not true, and I’m surprised that they don’t have a better way of cleaning that up.”

Watch the video below:

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