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WATCH: Fox News Segment That Prompted Trump’s ‘Equal Time’ Twitter Rant


WATCH: Fox News Segment That Prompted Trump’s ‘Equal Time’ Twitter Rant

Whatever Donald Trump sees on Fox News he will use that and rant about it on Twitter. It wasn’t any different on Saturday morning when he live-tweeted “Fox & Friends” before heading to his private club to golf in Virginia.

Trump went on a Twitter rant on Saturday, complaining about late-night talk shows. Apparently, his complaints were prompted by a Fox News segment an hour earlier on the same topic.

“Is this for ratings?” asked co-host Pete Hegseth. “Is this because they’ve always been leftists and it’s unleashed because of Trump? Why are we getting politics late night?”

Philip Wegmann, a columnist for the Washington Examiner, told the hosts that he thought political jokes should be nonpartisan and truthful.

“Well, making fun of the president has always been part of late-night television,” Wegmann said. “It’s actually, you know, healthy for democracy. But there needs to be truth in kidding, not partisan ideology. I think where a lot of these late-night comics went wrong they swapped liberal talking points out for their punch lines.”

Wegmann went on to complain about Jimmy Kimmel, saying that he consulted on technical details with Sen. Chuck Schumer’s office on his Affordable Care Act monologue.

“He literally worked with Chuck Schumer’s office on that material,” Wegmann said. “It’s a total joke.”

Co-host Dean Cain also complained about the late-night talk show hosts, saying viewers wanted light-hearted entertainment and not jokes about the president.

“I like those guys, but I don’t like watching them, personally, (because) I don’t want to get that politics,” Cain said. “I don’t mind jokes, but the hard politics, it’s — and it’s always at Trump’s expense, not in a joking way, just kind of mean-spirited always. People are getting sick of it, I think.”

Wegmann went on to blame late-night talk show’s ratings as the reason for their political content.

“If you are going to stay up that late for late night comedy, you want a laugh, you don’t want a lecture,” Wegmann said. “The problem here is they are not even original. You can you turn on any major news network and get criticism of President Trump.”

It only took Trump an hour to rant about the same topic on Twitter, demanding “equal time.”

Watch the “Fox & Friends” segment below:

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