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WATCH: GOP Congressman Freezes, Then Stammers When Asked If Trump Is a Good Role Model For Kids

Republican Congressman Duncan Hunter (Calif) appeared to get caught flat-footed on Tuesday when CNN’s Wolf Blitzer asked him if he thinks President Donald Trump is a good role model for children.

The CNN host was referring to comments made by outgoing Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ), who said that to support Trump is “morally treasonable” and that the president is not a good example for children to follow.

Prior to that point in the interview, Hunter was smoothly deflecting criticisms of the president, saying that Flake and Corker are outliers and that the party supports Trump’s agenda.

Then came the question that left him completely discombobulated:

“Do you think President Trump is a good role model for children?” Blitzer asked.

Hunter froze for an instant as his eyes bulged, then cautiously said, “I think he’s a good role model in his business sense and now that he’s president of the United States, but I wouldn’t want my daughters talking like him, no… or my son, for that matter.”

He then tried to clean up his comment by saying that he doesn’t know whether he or anyone else is a good role model before profoundly opening, “We all have, you know, pasts and we all, we all have futures.”

Watch the video, embedded below. Wolf’s question comes at the 2:18 mark.

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