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This Guy Reacting To Trump Speech At Rally Is Breaking The Internet

A young man positioned behind President Trump during his rally in Montana on Thursday has become a viral sensation for his facial expressions while the president delivered remarks.

The man, who was wearing a plaid shirt at the rally, could be seen reacting to aspects of Trump’s speech.

One viral video shows the president saying, “We’ve picked up a lot of support,” to which the man in the plaid shirt appears to mouth, “Have you?”

Another clip showed Trump discussing why winning the Electoral College is “harder to win than popular vote.”

“Popular vote, you go to three, four states, then boom, boom, boom. It’s like the 100 yard dash versus the mile. You practice differently,” Trump said, before the same man behind him seems to mouth: “What?”

The same man was later removed by a Rally organizer who took his spot behind the president.

But the man had already captured the internet.

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