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Watch: Jerry Brown Unloads On ‘Criminal Liar’ Trump Over ‘Dangerous’ Environment Policies

During a speech at the Global Climate Action Summit in San Francisco this week, California Gov. Jerry Brown (D) slammed President Trump over the White House’s environment policies, particularly the decision to roll back regulations on the release of methane gasses.

“When Trump says, in effect, ‘We like more methane going into the air,’ that is highly destructive, very highly destructive,” the California governor said.

He added: “I think he’ll be remembered on the past he is now, I don’t know, liar, criminal, fool, pick your choice.”

The governor ripped Trump’s rollbacks of environmental protections as a “major assault on the well-being of the people of California and America and the world. It borders on not only insanity but criminality.”

Brown, who has cast himself as a champion of environmental issues, vowed that California will get all of its energy from clean sources by 2045 and recently announced the launch of California’s own satellite to monitor climate change sources in response to Trump’s threatening funding for NASA’s program.

President Trump’s rollbacks at the Environmental Protection Agency are part of his deregulation agenda.

Watch the video here:

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