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WATCH: JFK’s Nephew Leaves Panel Speechless With Impassionate Plea To Keep Obamacare

Appearing on Morning Joe, Rep. Joe Kennedy, former President John F. Kennedy’s great-nephew, delivered an impassioned plea to Congress for why Obamacare must remain intact.

Kennedy, being a true politician for the people, demanded that politicians ensure Americans have access to the best doctors, regardless of their social statuses. He spoke of his intern with great concern, even becoming tearful at one point while speaking about the 25-year old woman he knows personally.

Twitter user @Resa_Two reacted by writing: “THIS!! If you view nothing else today, THIS!!! “It’s about how we treat each other” #compassion

I agree. Everyone needs to see this. Take a look at the video below, and be sure to pass it on:

That was awesome. I can hear people already calling for Joe to run against Trump in 2020 if the ‘Cheeto’ president doesn’t get impeached before the election.

Thank you, Joe!

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