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Watch: Jim Acosta Just Grilled Trump Over Immigration Lies After He Called For A National Emergency


Watch: Jim Acosta Just Grilled Trump Over Immigration Lies After He Called For A National Emergency

Donald Trump decided to declare a national emergency on Friday to be able to get his border wall built. Trump took questions from reporters shortly after his announcement and got shut down by CNN’s Jim Acosta.

Acosta confronted Trump about his lies relating to crimes committed by undocumented immigrants and noted that border crossings are lower now than they have been in the past.

“I wonder if you could comment on this disconnect that we seem to have in this country where you are presenting information about what’s happening at the border,” Acosta said, “calling it an invasion, talking about women with duct tape over their mouths and so on, yet there is a lot of reporting out there, a lot of crime data out there, there is a lot of Department of Homeland Security data out there, that shows border crossings at a near record low.”

Trump then interrupted Acosta and claimed that there are still “massive numbers” of illegal border crossings.

Acosta then noted that data shows “undocumented immigrants committing crimes at lower levels than native-born Americans.”

“You don’t really believe that, do you?” Trump shockingly responded. “Do you really believe that? Look at our federal prisons.”

“I believe in facts and statistics,” Acosta responded before asking: “What do you say to your critics who say that you are creating a national emergency? That you are concocting a national emergency here to get your wall?”

“What do you think?” Trump asked back. “Do you think I am creating something?”

Trump then attacked Acosta because he could not answer his question. “Your question is a very political question because you have an agenda,” he said. “You are CNN, fake news. You have an agenda.”

“The numbers that you gave are wrong,” Trump continued. “Take a look at our federal prison population. See how many of them percentage-wise are illegal aliens. Just see. Go ahead and see. It’s a fake question.”

Take a look at the heated exchange below:

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