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WATCH: Joy Read Torches Evangelical Pastor For Defending Roy Moore’s Immoral Behavior


WATCH: Joy Read Torches Evangelical Pastor For Defending Roy Moore’s Immoral Behavior

MSNBC host Joy Reid lambasted evangelical pastor Pastor Mark Burns for defending Alabama GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore, questioning the pastor’s moral leadership over accusations that Moore pursued relationships with teenage girls when he served as a district attorney decades ago.

During a segment on MSNBC’s “AM Joy” on Saturday, Reid confronted Moore supporter Pastor Mark Burns after Burns defended Moore by saying morality wasn’t “the only quality that makes a good leader.”

“Hold on just a second. One moment, hold on, hold on,” Reid responded. “I’m going to let you back in. You’re not a lawyer, you’re not a judge. You’re not here to judge whether or not in a court of law Roy Moore would be found guilty after nine women accused him of sexually molesting children.”

She then questioned Burns’ “moral leadership.”

“We have you on because you’re a pastor. What your job is, in theory, is to provide a moral framework for the people who go to your church and listen to you. How can you say that in your moral framework, you’re not here to adjudicate the case, but you’re saying that morality is not the only important thing. Aren’t you a moral leader? Like isn’t that what you’re supposed to be advocating for, for moral leadership?” Reid asked.

Burns defended Moore again by claiming the timing of the allegations against him is “suspicious.”

“I do find the fact that Roy Moore has served faithfully for over 40 years publicly in public office and these women had plenty of opportunity, plenty of opportunities, Joy, to come out and it is suspicious,” Burns said.

“I think the great people of Alabama are realizing that, which is why the majority of Alabamians are still going to vote for Roy Moore, even the governor, even the women that stepped up and said we’re still supporting Roy Moore, because their understanding, it is extremely suspicious that this is all coming out after he’s become the candidate,” he added.

Roy Moore is set to face Democrat Doug Jones in a special election for Alabama’s open Senate seat on December 12 but has faced calls from national Republicans to drop out since the allegations emerged last week.

Multiple polls released this week showed Jones with a lead in the race.

Watch the video below:

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