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Watch: Katy Tur Rips Trump In Emotional Speech For Making Journalists Targets, ‘Do You Have To Put Our Lives In Danger?’

Donald Trump continues to attack the free press as an attempt to discredit journalists who report the truth about his administration. He continues to encourage violence. He continues to claim that the media is the “enemy of the people.”

On Friday, MSNBC’s Katy Tur fired back at the president, urging him to stop attacking journalists and putting their lives in danger.

After playing a clip of Trump’s recent rally where he yet again attacked journalists, Tur asked: “Yeah, we get it, you don’t like us. Fine. But do you have to put our lives in danger?”

“The president continues to call the press the enemy of the people, even after four journalists and one sales assistant were shot dead in a Maryland newsroom by a man who was angry with what they factually reported about him,” she continued.

“Even after the publisher of The New York Times stressed to him in a private conversation that his words were putting journalists in mortal danger,” Tur added. “Even after CNN white house reporter Jim Acosta was shouted down and taunted in a rally the other night in Florida.”

“And even after the president’s own daughter, at least publicly, disagreed with her dad.”

Tur then shared a clip of Ivanka Trump saying that the media is not “the enemy of the people” like her father claims them to be.

“I’m glad someone in the administration said this out loud with a camera recording,” Tur said. “I hope she implores him to tone it down, because either he doesn’t get the problem or he does not care.”

Tur then switched the attention to the abuse she personally receives as a result of Trump’s attack on the press.

“Sadly, the harassment and threats are not stopping,” she reported. “What you do not see are the nasty letters or packages or emails, the threats of physical violence. ‘I hope you get raped and killed,’ one person wrote to me just this week.”

“Raped and killed,” Tur repeated. “Not just me, but a couple of my female colleagues, as well.”

“In case you want to argue this has nothing to do with the president, the most recent note I got ended with MAGA,” Tur explained, referring to the commander-in-chief’s “Make America Great Again” slogan.

Tur ended her speech by urging people in the administration to stop attacking the free press, “before it’s too late.”

Take a look at the video footage below:

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