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Watch: Kellyanne Conway Gets Cornered By Fox News Host Over Trump’s ‘Imaginary’ Tax Cut

In an attempt to bamboozle voters into supporting Republicans and avert a midterm wipeout, Donald Trump has been telling a lot of desperate lies.

While the media has been focusing on Trump’s racist lies about migrant families, we must not forget that his lies about the economy — including his bizarre promise to introduce a completely imaginary new tax cut for the middle class before the elections.

One Fox News host remembered that broken promise, however, and took White House counselor Kellyanne Conway to task for it.

During Sunday morning’s edition of “Fox & Friends,” Conway was caught flat-footed when co-host Ed Henry asked her why Trump would promise in mid-October that he could secure a second tax cut before the election on Nov. 6.

“Here we are with the election, and he didn’t get that second tax cut,” Henry pointed out.

“The Congress is not in session, they’re not back until November 13th — ” Conway began, before being interrupted by Henry.

“But he promised that — he promised it was coming,” Henry said.

Conway replied with an alternative fact:

“Well, what the president is saying is that they’re working on it,” she claimed.

In reality, the only thing Congress was “working on” was figuring out how to help Trump save face.

But Trump repeatedly promised to cut taxes by an additional 10 percent for middle class families, and said that the proposal would be introduced before the midterm elections.

That promise was an obvious lie, of course.

Henry also asked Conway why Trump would do this if the GOP’s economic message was really “working so well” as the Trump team claims.

Conway didn’t address that part, but the answer is clear: Trump’s made-up tax cut is further evidence that the massive GOP tax scam Trump already helped pass is not helping Republicans in the midterms, and may actually be hurting them.

That’s why Republicans long ago abandoned messaging on taxes in favor of riling up the base using racism.

Trump himself quickly moved on from his made-up tax cut in order to take his campaign of demonizing immigrants to despicable new depths.

He spread lies about families fleeing violence in Central America — lies which were believed by the perpetrator of last weekend’s anti-Semitic gun massacre in Pittsburgh.

Even that tragedy couldn’t get Trump to slow down. This week, he released a false and racist ad smearing undocumented immigrants as cop killers.

Indeed. Trump’s lies have only gotten more desperate and dangerous as Election Day approaches.

Watch the video below, via Fox News:

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