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WATCH: Louisiana Senator’s Town Hall Goes Completely Off The Rails, Voters Angry As Hell

Republican Senator Bill Cassidy was heckled and booed by hundreds of angry constituents for the better part of an hour during a Town Hall meeting yesterday.

Cassidy had intended to present a PowerPoint on his proposed legislation to replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and respond to written questions selected from index cards. That didn’t go well.

The senator was greeted with shouts of “shame!”

When he attempted to show his PowerPoint slides, the crowd shouted “we’ve already read it, we want to ask questions!” Then followed with chants of “do your job.”

Cassidy, who denies the human role in climate change, has been touring tornado damage around southern Louisiana as he holds town halls. Kenny Francis, a pre-kindergarten teacher at Schaumburg Elementary in New Orleans, found Cassidy’s professed concern about tornado victims “offensive.”

“He had the nerve to talk about how he wants to help with the tornado recovery,” Francis told ThinkProgress.

“It is offensive to me to hear him talk about how he wants to help those families when you want to take away their health care that literally allows them to be able to make sure their kids stay healthy,” he said.

Watch the video below:

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