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WATCH: Obama Impersonator Says Trump Phrases To Prove The Absurdity To The Republican Party

Republicans let Donald Trump get away with a lot. He can say whatever he wants and somehow still do nothing wrong in the eyes of the GOP. On the other hand, the GOP would go nuts if former President Barrack Obama said half the things Trump has.

On Friday night, Bill Maher welcomed Obama impersonator Reggie Brown to the show to prove a point.

“Republican principles’ no longer has any meaning,” Maher explained. “Since Trump got elected, they’ve pulled utter 180s… when [former President Barack] Obama signed executive orders it was ‘proof we were being governed by a lawless tyrant.’ Now Trump does it and he proudly displays them like he’s ‘The Price is Right’ girl.”

Maher went on to introduce “Obama.”

“Oh come on, wouldn’t you be furious if Obama had said, the White House is a dumb? Or whatever ridiculous thing Trump said? Nope. They never admit it,” Maher said. “We’d be cool with it. We’re consistent, he imagined they’d say.”

Brown, who was impersonating Obama, repeated multiple Trump phrases, one more ridiculous than the other.

Take a look at the video below:

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