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Watch: Pence Throws Trump Under The Bus As He Admits He Would Be ‘More Than Willing’ To Talk To Mueller

Vice President Mike Pence spoke with CBS News over the weekend in an interview that was aired on Sunday. He told the news network that he would be “more than willing” to sit down for an interview with special counsel Robert Mueller.

“What are your plans to sit with an interview with special counsel Robert Mueller?” CBS host Margaret Brennan asked the vice president.

“We’ve fully cooperated over the last year,” Pence answered.

“Has he asked you for an interview yet?” Brennan then asked.

Pence claimed that Mueller had yet to ask him for a sit-down interview.

“He has not,” Pence said. “Although we’ve provided any and all information and we’ll continue to do that.”

“Then you’d be willing to sit with him if he were to ask,” Brennan went on say.

“I would be more than willing to continue to provide all support in that,” Pence replied, adding, “We have outside counsel that will advise me accordingly.”

Take a look at the interview below:

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