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WATCH: Putin’s War Game Goes Wrong After Attack Helicopter Opens Fire On Own People

Several people were seriously injured after a Ka-52 helicopter suddenly launched air to surface missiles, striking an enclosure for spectators at Luzhsky military field near St Petersburg. In the video below, the missile is seen hitting the area close to where a reporter filming the exercise was standing.

Authorities said that the wounded were journalists covering the major war games which have provoked massive concern in the West.

The Ka-52 Alligator helicopter is the newest intelligence and attack helicopter able to attack armored vehicles and people.

An informed source told revealed that the rockets were fired by ‘accident” as a result of a short circuit.

“Something went wrong, the missiles were immediately launched,” he added. “The parts of the missiles hit a large area, at least two cars were burned, two people wounded, they are in the hospital now.

“Most likely, the victims were journalists.”

Watch the video below:

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