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WATCH: Rachel Maddow Destroys Trump’s ‘Mental Health’ Excuse For Texas Shooting

On Monday night, MSNBC host Rachel Maddow assailed Donald Trump’s phony interest in mental health issues following the horrific Texas mass shooting n a Sutherland Springs church on Sunday. The outspoken reporter called out the presidents hypocrisy as just another distraction the American people shouldn’t fall for.

Maddow was responding to Trump’s unfounded assertion that “it was mental health, not guns,” that led to the massacre in a Sutherland Springs church.

In the Monday edition of her show, Maddow outlined the vast disconnected between Trump’s post-shooting rhetoric and the actions he’s taken so far during his presidency.

“If the president did believe that the mental health of the killer was the issue here,” Maddow begun, “then somebody should probably ask the president why one of the very first things he signed as president – the first meaningful thing he signed as president – was a change in regulation specifically and only to make it easier for people who’ve been adjudicated mentally ill to obtain firearms.”

She continued: “If the president believes that there’s no gun problem here – the only issue here is a mentally ill person obtaining and then misusing a gun – well, this president took overt action as soon as he became president to make it easier for mentally ill people to get guns.”

As Maddow noted, a quick examination of Trump’s actual record as president shows that his response to the shooting was a complete and total scam meant to distract Americans from the real issue of gun violence.”

The truth is, Trump doesn’t care about addressing mental health issues any more than he does about curbing gun violence or learning how many countries are in the world. What he is passionate about – and actually good at – is changing the subject.

Watch Maddow’s epic takedown in the video below:

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