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Watch: Racist Man Caught On Camera Physically Attacking Black Woman Who Was Peacefully Reading Outside LA Store

Another racist attack took place in America this week when a white man started to harass a black woman who was peacefully reading and listening to music on Tuesday outside a grocery store in Los Angeles.

The victim, Angela Jefferson, spoke with CBS News about the attack:

“He had like a pipe or something or stick and he was hitting it on the tales and he tried to hit me with it, but I dodged it,” Jefferson said. “He was calling me the N-Word … he was calling me the B-Word.”

According to CBS News, Jefferson asked the man to leave her alone, but he grew more aggravated. He then threw a chair at Jefferson and destroyed her belongings.

Dulcinea Circelli, who recorded the situation told CBS News, “So I came out here and saw that he had broken a chair and was trying to hit this woman in the head and saying the N-Word, and at that point, I started recording.”

“It was just so scary, and just the fact that he was expecting the security guard to back him up when he was armed and attacking two people with metal rods,” Circelli said.

“I’m outraged about that and I don’t feel safe personally with him out there,” Circelli added.

Take a look at the video clip below:

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