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WATCH – Ronald Reagan Jr. Destroyed Jared Kushner On Live Television


WATCH – Ronald Reagan Jr. Destroyed Jared Kushner On Live Television

Former Republican President Ronald Reagan’s son, Ronald Reagan Jr., made an appearance on “Hardball” with Chris Matthews on Monday.

Reagan Jr. attacked Donald Trump’s son-in-law and senior adviser Jared Kushner, saying if he so “naive” as to meet with Russians as part of Trump’s election campaign he shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near the White House.

“This is all about optics,”Reagan sneered before sarcastically adding, “This was ‘Mr. Kushner goes to Washington.’ He was talking the Jimmy Stewart role there, but out in front of the White House with the White House podium in front of him, smiling ear to ear.”

“‘Hey hey, nothing to see here. I’m an innocent sort of guy here,’” he mocked Kushner.

“When you examine his statement and you think about all of this, it paints a rather different picture,” Reagan continued. “We are meant to believe that he is so innocent and so naive about all of this, that he just sort of stumbled into meetings with Russians, you know, former intelligence agents without really knowing what’s going on.”

“These people lie constantly, the whole family does,” he told the MSNBC host. “You always slip up somehow. And if you look at his statement, his written statement, he mentioned it — he says of course he knew nothing about why this meeting was taking place. Then he mentioned, as an aside when he entered the meeting they were talking about adoption and he was surprised to discover they were talking about adoption.”

“This whole thing stinks, and if he’s so naive that doesn’t know that meeting with Russian representatives before you’re even in the White House is a little troubling, he is certainly too naive to handle Middle East peace, the opioid crisis and rebuilding the government — and too naive for a security clearance.”

Watch his statements below:

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