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Watch: Rudy Giuliani Goes On A Screaming Tirade During CNN Interview

Rudy Giuliani was invited to CNN on Thursday following the released of the redacted Mueller report where he was asked to apologize on Donald Trump’s behalf. But things went south very quickly when the Trump attorney went off.

“I want to know if you will apologize on the part of the president for denying Russian interference all along?” host Chris Cuomo asked.

“Will you apologize on his behalf because we now know there was Russian interference and they wanted to help the president and his campaign tried to get the benefit of that,” Cuomo said.

But Giuliani refused.

“The president to this day has no knowledge of Russian interference in his campaign. And the whole issue of collusion with the Russians, both for him, his campaign, anyone in his campaign, even collusion with releasing the information or conspiracy or cooperation. It’s completely untrue.”

Take a look at the video clip below:

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