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Watch: Sarah Sanders Gets Humiliated By CNN Host After Her Attempt To Defend Trump Backfires

Sarah Sanders will say anything to make Donald Trump seem like a saint. She lies constantly while demanding that the media are the ones who are liars. On Wednesday, CNN’s Jim Sciutto called out the White House press secretary after she tried to insist that President Trump’s convicted national security advisor Michael Flynn was tricked into talking to the FBI, despite Flynn’s own public admission to the contrary.

“We had one of those ‘black is white, white is black, 2+2=5’ moments yesterday,” Sciutto said. “Even after Flynn and his lawyers admitted repeatedly that they were not entrapped in no uncertain terms, Sarah Sanders repeated from the White House podium the president’s claim.”

He then noted the records of Flynn’s testimony and questioned why the administration kept insisting on their false narrative.

“It is also belied by common sense, right?” CNN political analyst Lisa Lerer said. “Flynn is a three-star general who headed up intelligence for the military. He is someone who knows that lying to the FBI is a crime.”

“The White House, as they have for months at this point is fighting a political battle,” she continued, saying the administration was trying to head off any future impeachment proceedings. “It is really important from the White House’s point of view to undercut the Mueller investigation at every turn possible, to frame it as overreach, to frame it as the president likes to say, a witch hunt.”

Take a look at the video clip below:

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