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Watch: Sarah Sanders Claims The GOP Tax Bill ‘Will Cost Trump A Lot Of Money’, Then THIS Happens


Watch: Sarah Sanders Claims The GOP Tax Bill ‘Will Cost Trump A Lot Of Money’, Then THIS Happens

During Tuesday’s press briefing, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders found herself struggling to defend her assertion that the GOP tax bill would cost President Donald Trump “a lot of money” even though it is expected to disproportionately benefit him personally.

Asked to defend claims that the bill was going to cost the president “a lot of money,” Sanders offered some alternative facts that make Kellyanne Conway look like a rookie:

“It likely will — certainly on the personal side — could cost the president a lot of money,” Sanders opined. “The president’s focus hasn’t necessarily been at all on himself.”


Well, the reporter didn’t let Sander’s claim go unchallenged and quickly pointed out that Trump would benefit from several provisions of the bill, including top-rate tax reductions, pass-through reductions, and estate tax exemptions. “He’s going to make money on that,” she told Sanders.

“Look,” Sanders stuttered, “again, this is a tax plan that we hope benefits all Americans primarily. And priority number one is middle-class Americans. That has been this administration’s focus. We feel like that is certainly addressed.”

Later in the press conference, MSNBC’s Hallie Jackson pointed out to Sanders that it would be impossible to verify her claims until Trump agreed to release his tax returns.

Sanders responded with the familiar refrain that the president would release his taxes when he is no longer under audit.

Watch the exchange in the video below.

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