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Watch: SNL’s Brett Kavanaugh Is As Loud And Angry As The Real One

On Saturday night, SNL opened its new season with the Brett Kavanaugh hearings with Matt Damon played the Supreme Court nominee.

Matt Damon’s Kavanaugh wasted no time in launching a furious tirade against the Clintons and blaming George Soros and Kathy Griffin for his plight.

“I’m going to start at an 11 and I’m going to take it to 15 real quick!” he said. “This is my speech, there are others like it but this one is mine… I’m not backing down you sons-of-b*tches.”

The SNL skit featured Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) becoming aroused at the sight of Kavanaugh’s defiant attitude and sycophantic Republicans berating the female prosecutor they brought in from Arizona to interrogate accuser Dr. Christine Blasey Ford.

“The Democrats in this committee have acted like cowards,” said Orrin Hatch, “Now, if you’ll excuse me I’d like to hide behind the female prosecutor we hired as a human shield.”

Kate McKinnon stole the show as a red-faced Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC).

“You put this man on the Supreme Court now—no vote, no discussion,” said Lindsey Graham. “You give him a damned robe and you let him do whatever the hell he wants.”

The skit also mocked Kavanaugh’s love of beer, which Damon chugging water.

Watch the hilarious skit below.

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