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WATCH: Texas Man Breaks Down When He Finally Finds His Father


WATCH: Texas Man Breaks Down When He Finally Finds His Father

As many as 30,000 Houston residents are expected to make their way to shelters Monday. One of them is Aaron Mitchell, who broke down during an interview with CNN when he finally found his father after walking 12 miles in the dark to get to his father’s house.

“Where are your friends or family?” CNN reporter Nick Valencia asked Mitchell. “I don’t know,” he said beginning to cry. “There’s no cell service and… I haven’t gotten ahold of anybody. If my mom and dad are watching I’m ok.”

The man explained through tears that his mother is in Oklahoma but his dad lives in Houston. “There’s no telling where my dad’s at,” Mitchell continued wiping his eyes. “I’m here in Rockport waiting on you.”

The internet immediately exploded with viewers asking how they could help Mitchell find his father. CNN allowed him to use their satellite phone to try and he was able to find his father.

“Ok, Dad, I’m going to jump on a bus. Are you OK?” Mitchell asked his father on the phone wiping tears from his eyes. “Dad, I love you.”

“There’s a lot of reasons we get up in the morning to do our job,” Valencia told host John Berman. “I think our crew here felt one of those.”

You can find ways to help the survivors of Hurricane Harvey here. This horrifying side-by-side video shows what Houston looked like before the floods.

Watch the video below, courtesy of CNN:

Part 1: “I haven’t gotten ahold of anybody:”

Part 2 — Aaron finds his father:

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