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Watch: These Trump Supporters Get Humiliated After Being Asked If They ‘Read The Transcripts’


Donald Trump’s “best” argument when it comes to impeachment and his infamous call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to telling people to “read the transcripts.”

However, the Daily Show recently attended a Trump rally in which it asked supporters if they had taken the president’s advice — and as many of you might have assumed, none of them had.

Correspondent Jordan Klepper asked multiple Trump supporters how they felt about impeachment. They all used the same word to describe it: “bullshit.”

But when asked to give specifics as to why impeachment was “bullshit,” they could only come up with one answer: “read the transcripts.”

“Read the transcript!” one Trump supporter told Klepper in response to his question about impeachment.

“Have you read it?” Klepper asked.

“I have… not,” he admitted.

“But we should read the transcript?” he asked.

“We should!” he replied.

That was the same answer with every Trump supporter they questioned. They all admitted to not reading the transcript and yet they still believed the president just because.

“I trust the word of our president, man,” he said.

Take a look at how Klepper humiliates these Trump supporters in the video clip below:

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