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Watch: Tomi Lahren Goes On Disturbing Rant Telling Americans To Be ‘Armed And Ready’ After O’Rourke Speech


Right-wing Fox News host Tomi Lahren went on a disturbing rant this week while appearing on Fox Business, telling the people of America to get “armed and ready” to protect themselves from immigrants.

According to Media Matters, Lahren made the remarks just a day after presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke told Americans that he would be taking up all assault weapons.

Lahren made her remarks in an insane segment that included host Stuart Varney’s false claim that America is “the only country in the world where armed citizens are allowed.” 175 countries around the world allow their citizens to be armed, and three explicitly do so in their constitutions.

After telling viewers that “you can’t depend on the government to protect you at all times,” Lahren insisted the “government is going to fail you.”

Having a firearm “is your right, your right to protect and defend yourself and your family,” she added.

“And all the things the Democrats want to put in place — my goodness, if they want to open our borders, you better be sure the people in Texas, the people in South Dakota, the people in the middle of this country, we are going to be armed and ready, because we have to have a means to defend ourselves from — who knows who’s coming in? That’s the thing, we don’t know, and we have to be able to protect ourselves.”

Take a look at her insane remarks in the video clip below:

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