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Watch: Trump Attacks Maxine Waters, Then Can’t Tell The Difference Between Cory Booker and Andrew Gillum

Donald Trump went to Houston, Texas on Monday to rally for one of the most unliked Senators in the country, Ted Cruz. And during the rally, Trump did what he always does and attacked Democrats as the crowd cheered.

He began by insulting Maxine Waters, attacking her appearance and claiming that she has a low IQ.

He then tried attacking the Democratic candidate running for governor in Florida, which is Andrew Gillum. But Trump made a mistake and thought it was Corey Booker who was running for governor in Florida.

“The mayor who did one of the worst jobs of any mayor other than the guy running for governor in Florida. He was a horrible mayor. Cory Booker. He destroyed what he did,” Trump said.

It’s not a coincidence that Trump attacked African Americans. He first decided to attack Waters and then he couldn’t tell the difference between Booker and Gillum, who both happen to be African Americans.

Take a look at the video clip below:

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