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Watch: Trump Biographer Slams The ‘Idiot’ President Over His Handling Of Iran

On Saturday, Donald Trump biographer David Cay Johnston appeared on CNN to slam the president after a disastrous week involving a war threat on Iran.

Johnston called out “idiot” Trump and his White House for lying and only caring about how the president looks.

“I don’t believe that the discussion of casualties only came up at the last second. if we accept it, he didn’t think about to ask about what the human cost would be until the last second,” host Chris Cuomo offered.

“I think it’s actually much worse than that,” Johnston insisted. “Our military commanders understand proportionality. They won’t recommend a plan to kill 150 Iranians over a drone. They’s recommend a plan to take out the radar tower that tracked the drone or a missile launcher. If they did it’s because Donald Trump or [national security adviser John] Bolton said give me the most aggressive plan you can come up with. It is certainly not what the military commander would have recommended.”

“He doesn’t believe there’s a win militarily in most situations?” Cuomo asked.

“No, I don’t think he does,” Johnston explained. “Remember he promised to bomb the hell out of people and at the same time extract us from war overseas?”

“What he’s done is made himself the hero of the story. It’s what he always does. ‘There would have been this terrible disaster with all the dead people. but I prevented that,’” he mimicked Trump. “He always does this. You need to remember that Donald Trump is an idiot the classic Greek meaning of the word — someone who thinks only about himself.”

Take a look at the video clip below:

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