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Watch: Trump Calls His Supporters ‘Elegant’ Then They Start Shouting ‘CNN Sucks!’


Donald Trump held a campaign rally on Thursday in Manchester, New Hampshire where he praised his followers for constantly bowing to him and attacking the people that criticize him.

Trump was falsely claiming that China is paying for the tariffs in his trade war when he went off on the press.

“But when you listen to the fake news — look how many there are,” he said while pointing out to the press area.

The crowd then started chanting, “CNN sucks.”

“Are we sure that we are in New Hampshire?” Trump asked. “You know, you have a reputation — I know it is not true because I know you too well. You have a reputation of being staid, very elegant, staid, and credible people. You are not acting it tonight and that’s good.

“That is a good thing,” Trump argued.

Take a look at the video clip below:

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