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Watch: Trump Defender Sam Nunberg Goes Down In Flames After Going On Racist Tirade Against Immigrants


During an MSNBC panel discussion of Donald Trump’s efforts to limit immigrants coming into the country, former Trump campaign adviser Sam Nunberg tried to spread his own racist agenda about immigration – only to be quickly shut down with his own words.

While speaking to host Joy Reid, Nunberg complained that immigration is hurting the economy. “I want the border secure, I want less of the undereducated coming into America, I want Americans to have jobs, I don’t want schools to be filled and I want American citizens to be educated,” he said.

After adding that the U.S. has had its “manufacturing diluted” Nunberg was called out by MSNBC regular Maria Honijosa with a series of questions.

“Wait, what does immigration have to do with manufacturing?” she asked Nunberg.

“It has to do with the fact that we have people underemployed if we have people that are not highly educated –,” he attempted before being cut off.

“So you’re saying that the American economy is — hold on one second, do you think that the American economy has been growing, factually, over the last eight years?” she pressed.

“Do I think it’s been growing? Sure, ” he shot back.

“Do you know how many undocumented immigrants have been here during that time? Hinojosa continued asking.

“They say about 12 million,” he conceded. “I’d say more, maybe twenty.”

“Omigosh,” Hinojosa cut in. “So, therefore, you just disproved your own theory.”

Take a look at the discussion in the video clip below:

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