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Watch: Trump Embarrasses Himself On TV After Bragging About Trade War While Graphic Shows Market Tanking

Donald Trump made a complete fool of himself on Monday while boasting about his trade war with China.

Talking to reporters at the White House, Trump started claiming that his trade war with China has been a huge success. But while boasting about his “success,” the television showed a graphic of the Dow Jones Industrial Average falling by more than 600 points.

“We’re taking in right now hundreds of billions of dollars,” Trump said of his tariffs on Chinese goods. “We’re taking in billions of dollars of tariffs, and those tariffs are going to be tremendously if you look at what we’ve done thus far with China, we’ve never taken in ten cents until I got elected, now we’re taking in billions of billions.”

Trump also falsely credited the tariffs for economic growth in the first quarter of 2019, even though the majority of economists say the tariffs had nothing to do with strong GDP growth.

“This is a very positive step,” Trump said as the stock ticker continued showing a bloodbath in the markets. “I love the position we’re in.”

Take a look at the video clip below:

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