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Watch: Trump Fan Throws Trump Under The Bus And Admits It’ll ‘Take A Miracle’ For Him To Win 2020


It a strange turn of events, one supporter of Donald Trump told ABC News that the chances of the president being reelected are slim to none.

During an ABC News segment at Trump’s rally in North Carolina on Monday night, one Trump voter spoke with the news outlet about the upcoming presidential election.

“I’m worried about every one of ’em,” the man said of the slate of Democratic presidential candidates.

The man said that a number of the candidates could defeat Trump.

“Some of their ideas appeal to younger people,” he warned. “It’s gonna take another miracle for President Trump and the rest of these conservatives to keep power.”

“I think Elizabeth Warren could be a threat,” the voter added. “Her ideas appeal to a lot of people.”

Take a look at the video clip below:

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