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WATCH – Trump Loses It During ‘Made In America’ Event

Donald Trump is a liar and will say just about anything to make himself seem like the good guy that cares about the working class in America. On Monday, Trump started gloating about false economic statistic during a “Made In America” week event. He started using unrelated topics to back up his claims.

During his speech, Trump lied about creating jobs in America. He stated that he created 45,000 new coal jobs, which is a lie. According to Daniel Dale of The Toronto Star, America only holds 50,000 coal jobs.

Trump also claimed that a new coal mine opened under his presidency. And although the mine did open, it had been in the works before Trump became president. The mine also only employs 70 workers.

It’s typical of Trump to make up numbers and gloat about them as if they were real. The scary part is that people actually believe his lies.

Take a look at his speech below:

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