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WATCH – Trump Supporters Explain Why They Still Support Him. It’s Almost Cringing

Donald Trump winning the 2016 election is still hard to believe, even six months into his presidency. His poll numbers keep plummeting, yet he still has people who support him no matter what he does.

CNN gathered six people who voted for Trump from South Carolina, Iowa and Florida. Half of the voters said they still supported Trump despite all that has happened, while the other three voters regretted ever voting him.

One of the voters who regretted voting for Trump said that she never supported Trump, but instead voted against Hillary Clinton.

“His words actually have a lot of power and have a ripple effect with the rest of the world,” said one woman, identified only as Jackie.

A man who Trump brought to the stage at one of his rallies was also at the panel. He still considered himself a strong Trump supporter, and was asked what has Trump done to keep him as a supporter.

He was left baffled and was unable to answer the question at first. Then he responded by saying, “you know the Paris agreement, he got onto that.”

You can watch the whole panel conversation below:

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