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Sit Back And Watch Trump Trying To Explain The Word ‘Island’ In Reference To Puerto Rico


Sit Back And Watch Trump Trying To Explain The Word ‘Island’ In Reference To Puerto Rico

Donald Trump has claimed that he knows words, big words, the best words. But, let’s face it, most of the time, his words make absolutely no sense.

During a speech to the National Association of Manufacturers on Friday, Trump apparently took his eyes off the teleprompter for a brief moment. But in those few seconds, he managed to deliver one of his most embarrassing word-salads yet about the unfolding crisis in Puerto Rico.

In his typical rambling, stilted cadence he explained that Puerto Rico is “an island, surrounded by water, big water, ocean water.” Islands are, of course, surrounded by water. Every island in the world is surrounded by water. That’s what makes it an island.

Equally nonsensical is the motivation behind Trump’s childish pronouncement. He seems to think that people will accept the fact that Puerto Rico is an island as a viable excuse for his failure to adequately deliver personnel and relief supplies to the Americans living there.

A more troubling problem with the speech is when Trump pivots to once again talking about Puerto Rico’s debt as if it has anything to do with the damage inflicted by Hurricane Maria.

The last thing Americans in Puerto Rico need to hear right now is that they should be thinking about debt, or how they’re going to pay for the rebuilding and relief efforts. They just need the federal government’s help and they need it now.

Trump expects Americans to forget that the president of the United States controls the most powerful navy and air force in the world, two resources which excel at crossing “big water.” If he really wanted to help, he could just do so without humiliating himself explaining basic geography terms.

Watch the video below via ABC News:

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