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WATCH: Racist ‘Bro’ Gets Kicked Out Of Uber Ride For Calling Driver a ‘B*tch-ass N**ger’


WATCH: Racist ‘Bro’ Gets Kicked Out Of Uber Ride For Calling Driver a ‘B*tch-ass N**ger’

A video has emerged online showing the moment a black Uber driver boots a group of young white people out of his car after they begin bragging about “white privilege.” The ride ends with one man calling the driver a “b*tch ass n**ger.”

In the footage, the driver can be seen patiently waiting while the group climbs in and scrambles for seats. One man bizarrely states ”white privilege” as a woman carrying a beer bottle is relegated to the back seat and knocks open a video screen on the car’s ceiling.

The driver then insists his passenger put his seatbelt on as he begins to drive, before asking the same passenger to not touch his belongings that are in the front, which gets some unintelligible push-back.

After some back and forth, the driver asks the unruly passengers to get out of the car.

“I need you to get out,” he states as he pulls over.

“Me?” the front seat passengers asks, to which the driver politely states, “Yes. Please I need you all to get out.”

“You’re a f*cking joke,” the passenger replies.

“No, I’m not. White privilege, leave” the driver shoots back.

“Get the f*ck out, bro,” the man replies. “You’re a f*cking — f*cking b*tch ass n**ger.”

That is when the driver leaves the car and the passengers exit, where a contentious argument can be barely be heard with the driver accusing them of being racists.

Watch the video below and be sure to share your thoughts on this incident.

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