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Watch: White Woman Calls Cops On Black Babysitter Caring For Two White Kids

A white woman in Georgia called the police on a black babysitter as he was caring for two white children.

The babysitter, Corey Lewis, first noticed the woman while walking the two children across a Walmart parking lot in Marietta to his car on Sunday. After making their way to the car, Lewis said the woman began stalking him after he refused to allow her to talk to the two children.

That’s when Lewis began live-streaming the incident on Facebook.

Lewis told The New York Times that After he refused to allow the woman to speak to the children, the woman began following his car out of the parking lot, to the gas station and later to his home, where he was met by a police officer who questioned why he was with the two white children.

Lewis had continued to record as he was being questioned by the officer.

“I’m being followed and harassed,” Lewis said in the video, to which the officer replied: “I’ve heard.”

The officer then asked to speak with the two children, who shared similar accounts to that of Lewis, before checking in with their parents.

“It just knocked us out of our chair,” David Parker, the children’s father, told the Times when asked about the ordeal. “We felt horrible for Corey.”

Parker and his wife said they were shocked by the incident and called Lewis, who also runs a youth mentor program called “Inspired by Lewis,” an “All-American guy.”

The father also said he was proud when his daughter’s response when she was asked by a reporter if there was anything she wanted to share with the unidentified woman.

“She said that, ‘I would just ask her to next time, try to see us as three people rather than three skin colors because we might’ve been Mr. Lewis’s adopted children,’” he recalled.

Lewis told the Times he was back working with children on Tuesday and said he is not going to allow the incident to keep him from babysitting.

“You see these things, but they’re like from a distance,” he said. “But then for it to actually happen to you, it’s unbelievable.”

Watch the video below:

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