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WATCH: Wolf Blitzer Leaves GOP Lawmaker Speechless By Asking Whether He’s ‘Proud’ Of The Republican Party


WATCH: Wolf Blitzer Leaves GOP Lawmaker Speechless By Asking Whether He’s ‘Proud’ Of The Republican Party

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer left GOP Rep. Mark Sanford without words after slamming him with a question on whether he was “proud” of the Republican party.

The Congressman answered by saying “you’re asking a lot of strange questions tonight.”

Blitzer was confronting Stanford about the feud between Donald Trump and Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell.

“How damaging is this to the Trump presidency?” Blitzed asked.

“I don’t know, Wolf,” Sanford admitted, shuffling awkwardly in his seat. “You’re asking me to go off on, you know, private speculation, private comment. I mean, I don’t know what was said, I don’t know what wasn’t said. I don’t want to get into Donald Trump’s mind, I don’t want to get inside Mitch McConnell’s mind.”

Sanford went on to insist that he’ll “wait and see and see how that plays out.”

“But, congressman,” Blitzer pushed back. “If the relationship between the Republican president of the United States and the Republican leader in the Senate has so deteriorated that they’re not even speaking to each other right now, and that Mitch McConnell has privately expressed uncertainty the president will be able to salvage his administration, how extraordinary—you’ve been around for a while, so have I—this is pretty extraordinary, isn’t it?”

“I guess the bottom line question … are you proud of where the Republican party is right now?” Blitzer added.

“Am I proud of it?” a visibly uncomfortable Sanford asked. “Oh, Wolf, you have a lot of strange questions tonight.”

“What I’d say is I think that it is an awfully tense time in politics right now,” he continued. “On the one hand you have a lot of the Trump supporters out there who legitimately are frustrated with their belief that nothing is getting done in Washington that improves their lives. On the other hand, you have people who are saying, ‘Wait a minute, some of the institutions that made this country great are being challenged in the process,’ and you’re going to have a real tug-of-war over the weeks, months and even years ahead between those two points.”

Take a look at the discussion in the video below:

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