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Watergate Lawyer Just Destroyed Bill Barr For Attempting To Undermine Mueller To Save Himself

During an interview with CBS, Attorney General William Barr tried to undermine former special counsel Robert Mueller by claiming that he could have explicitly found Donald Trump committed obstruction but declined to.

After Barr’s attempt, CNN’s “OutFront,” Philip Allen Lacovara, the former counsel to the Watergate special prosecutor, told host Erin Burnett that Barr is pulling off another attempt to save the president.

“Philip, let me start with you,” said Burnett. “Is Attorney General Barr just trying to set the record straight here, or just spinning?”

“I think it’s absolutely a spin,” said Lacovara. “Using the same terms, the emotive, accusatory terms that President Trump has used, makes it clear that he’s on Trump’s campaign platform. And I don’t think you can can take seriously his argument he’s just trying to set the record straight. In fact he’s confabulating in ways that are really dismaying to a lot of people who’ve known him and respected him over the years.”

“As Jim Comey said, proximity to Trump tends to eat away at your soul,” said Lacovara. “And I’m afraid that’s what’s happening here.”

Take a look at the video clip below:

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