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We Break Down Trump’s Speech And It’s Nothing To Be Applauded, It’s Sickening Actually

Donald Trump gave his first Congressional Address speech and what manny people thought he brought good promises, but did he?

Trump actually used his speech to make up lies about immigrants while offering no solution. He had very little to say to the Latino community, and what he did say wasn’t good.

He used his speech to continue to tell the fiction story that undocumented immigrants are criminals and they are taking jobs in America. Quite frankly this is not true.

According to a study by he Migration Policy Institute, 98 percent of the undocumented are otherwise law-abiding members of society. But Trump keeps using that notion of a nonexistent wave of undocumented immigrants, which causes fear in the American people and the immigrant community in-itself.

Trump spoke calmly last night but it does not make the policies he champions any less harsh.

He continued spreading lies by saying that immigration is a financial burden to Americans, and that a crackdown on the undocumented will save money and create jobs.

Studies from think tanks, universities, and economists confirms just the opposite. By providing an immigration reform America will benefit financially, putting trillions into our country’s coffers. Yet Trump wants to have mass deportations which will actually cost the American taxpayers trillions.

Trump did speak about an immigration reform last night, but if he really was to give immigrants a chance to make a living in this country without being scared for their lives, he would not draconian policies he has been unveiling in the past few weeks.

He also spoke about repealing and replacing Obamacare, but he didn’t say anything about what the replacement would be. Does he even have an alternative to the Affordable Care Act?

The Hill stated:

“His belief that crime matters only when perpetrated by immigrants—not on immigrants—leaves millions of families vulnerable and afraid to go to the police.”

“His abandonment of voting rights; his over-reliance on school choice as a panacea for better education, and his lack of policies to alleviate poverty speak volumes—just not to us.”

America is a land built by immigrants and the fact that he is dehumanizing millions is just sickening.

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