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We Have Been Warned: Every American Should Watch THIS VIDEO


We Have Been Warned: Every American Should Watch THIS VIDEO

How dangerous is Donald Trump? Many people have compared him to Adolf Hitler. In an article by International Business Times it states that:

“Neither Hitler nor Trump campaign on specific policies, beyond a few slogans. Instead, both promise a new vision of leadership. They portray the existing political systems as fundamentally corrupt, incompetent, and, most importantly, unable to generate decisive action in the face of pressing problems.”

In the video below, one of his supporters is asked about Trump’s plan to defeat ISIS. The reporter tells the interviewee that Trump plans to bomb innocent families.

The interviewee(trump supporter) responded by saying:

“Yeah, you have to kill the families, you have to kill the kids.” He added, “I think we should not care about civilian casualties and we should just firebomb shit towns.”

Robert Paxton is a pre-eminent scholar of fascism, having written numerous books on far-right movements in Europe. He was asked about Trump and if he represents fascism.

He said: “I think that Trump’s appeals to racism and xenophobia and a sense of victimhood and a sense of national decline are going to leave permanent traces in a whole bunch of people who are going to be deeply disaffected, and it’s going to be very difficult to govern.”

The video below will go in detail as to why America “Will Become A Nazi Country By 2019.” Backed by facts the video will either enhance your views on Trump, or make you see how much of a danger he really imposes on the world.

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