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‘We Must Exorcise Demon Trump’: Lifelong GOP Strategist Slams Trump As He Switches Parties


‘We Must Exorcise Demon Trump’: Lifelong GOP Strategist Slams Trump As He Switches Parties

Writing for the Tampa Bay Times, longtime Republican strategist Mac Stipanovich called for citizens to get together and vote Donald Trump out of office.

In the op-ed, Stipanovich announced that he is registering as a Democrat in the run-up to the Florida presidential primary.

“I and a number of other long-time Republicans have re-registered so we can vote for the candidate closest to the center with the best chance of winning the Democratic nomination and defeating Donald Trump in November,” Stipanovich writes. “Hopefully, that choice will be clearer after Super Tuesday, but it looks like Joe Biden or Michael Bloomberg today.”

According to Stipanovich, no effort should be spared when it comes to his mission to “exorcise the demon that has possessed the soul of the GOP.”

Stipanovich claimed that GOP candidates actually reflected conservative values at one point in time but that has gone away with Trump in office. “…fiscal discipline, cultural conservatism, an engaged, forward-leaning foreign policy, free trade, personal accountability, a commitment to the rule of law and the idea of America as a Shining City on the Hill to which the world looks for leadership and where the dreams, energy and genes of immigrants beckoned by that shining light are welcome” — all things of the past thanks to the “moral rot” that has crept into the GOP thanks to Trump.

Stipanovich admits that there has always been a “seamy underbelly” within the GOP of “paranoiacs, conspiracy theorists, radicals and racists” who historically were not taken very seriously. But thanks to the “pressure cooker of anger, angst and envy” over the last decade, “what had been a fairly small, fairly stable minority in the GOP metastasized.”

“And Trump seized the moment,” he writes. “In doing so, he did not so much transform the GOP as unmask it. It is no longer Morning in America. The optimism is gone. Damn the future. Let’s go back. Make America Great Again. But great when?”

You can read the entire op-ed HERE.

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