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‘We Will Open Fire’: Texas AG Received Threats Of Violence Against Immigrants For Months And Did Nothing


A new report revealed on Thursday that an armed man in San Antonio has spent a year and a half sending racist, violent messages to the office of Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, threatening to shoot and kill undocumented immigrants. In response, no one did anything to stop him.

According to the San Antonio Express-News, Ralph Pulliam’s messages are full of rage about “sanctuary cities” (even though San Antonio is not a sanctuary city, even by the broadest of definitions). In one email, he wrote, “We will open fire on these thugs … It will be a bloodbath.”

The report also states that although Paxton’s office did not communicate the threat to local officials, police did make frequent visits to Pulliam’s house on 911 tips.

Since officers had no clue of the threats, police allowed Pulliam to keep his firearms.

In the wake of the report, police are now trying to build a case against him.

“These messages are clearly threats of deadly force against San Antonians based solely on the color of their skin,” wrote state Rep. Trey Martinez Fischer in a complaint to Paxton demanding a meeting. “It is deeply alarming to me that despite the large volume and explicit nature of the messages from Mr. Pulliam, the Office of Attorney General has taken so long to cooperate with local law enforcement.”

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