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‘We’ve Never Seen Anything Like This’: GOP Goes Into Full Panic Mode As They Feel An Inevitable Blue Wave Coming

Republican lawmakers and leaders are going into full panic mode as they are worried that Democrats will be taking over the House and the Senate come midterm elections, according to a new report by Politico.

The major concern of Republicans is how much money Democrats have been able to raise for their campaigns.

According to Politico, “Republican candidates in the 70 most contested races have reserved $60 million in TV ads, compared to $109 million for Democratic hopefuls.”

According to many political analysts, Democratic voters are energized and angry and eager to get out there and vote. Many of the analysts predict a giant “blue wave” coming, despite Donald Trump claiming that a “red wave” is surging.

“As the Democrats’ financial position continues to improve, the greater their opportunities become,” explained former NRCC official Ken Spain. “Not only will they be able to pump more money into winnable races, but they can also expand the map by investing in races that were once on the periphery.”

Brian Walsh, the president of the pro-Trump Super PAC America First Action explained the shell-shock Republicans are experiencing.

“From Democrat candidates to outside groups, we’ve never seen anything like this before,” he noted. “They are dumping in cash by the truckload.”

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