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WH Aides Are Begging Barr To ‘Save Them All’ As Mueller Report Will Expose Them

White House aides are now in full panic mode and are begging Attorney General Bill Barr to “save them all” as they fear Donald Trump will come after them for telling special counsel Robert Mueller the truth, a Washington Post columnist revealed on Tuesday.

Post opinion writer Paul Waldman cited an NBC News report about a White House staffer’s anxiety over the Mueller report.

“There’s plenty of precedents” behind Trump aides lying about their contacts with Russia, Waldman wrote, citing the perjury accusations against the president’s former “fixer” Michael Cohen, his son Donald Trump Jr., disgraced national security aide Michael Flynn, former Trump campaign staffer George Papadopoulos, and his confidante Roger Stone.

The writer added that “a number of those people have been indicted or pleaded guilty for lying to one official body or another.”

“At this point, [Trump aides] wait for Attorney General Barr to save them,” Waldman wrote, “and he well might, because by now there’s almost no question that the redactions Barr makes will be designed to minimize the political damage to Trump.”

Waldman went on to note that Barr was responsible for writing a 19-page unsolicited memo for the White House trashing the Mueller investigation and then writing a four-page memo summary of the Mueller report.

The writer notes that Barr won’t hesitate to help Trump staffers.

“The Trump staffers worried that their unwillingness to perjure themselves might cost them their jobs don’t exactly have nothing at all to worry about; we won’t know for sure until the redacted report is released,” Waldman concluded. “But they can at least take comfort in the knowledge that every attempt is being made to ensure that as little as possible of the damaging information in the Mueller report ever sees the light of day.”

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