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WH Attempts To Stop People From Listening To Trump’s Calls With Foreign Leaders: ‘Nobody Is Allowed On The Calls’


The infamous July 25 call between Donald Trump and the Ukranian President has led us to where we are today, the U.S. president facing impeachment.

Now, according to CNN, Trump’s White House has decided to limit the number of people that are allowed to listen in on Trump’s calls with foreign leaders.

Transcripts of the calls are also being given to a smaller number of officials, sources told the news network.

“Nobody is allowed on the calls,” a White House official told CNN while describing a new attempt to limit access to the calls to top aides only. “The barn door officially closed after the horse escaped.”

According to CNN, only a select few are on the call, and the list is approved by national security adviser Robert O’Brien.

The House Judiciary approved to file two articles of impeachment against Trump on Friday.

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