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Sarah Sanders Defends Trump’s Despotism: Just Because You Don’t See a Judge Doesn’t Mean You Aren’t Receiving Due Process

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders defended President Trump’s weekend tweet suggesting undocumented immigrants not be granted due process.

“Just because you don’t see a judge doesn’t mean you aren’t receiving due process,” press secretary Sarah Sanders said during her briefing on Monday.

She added that “virtually all Americans” agree that drawn-out court proceedings don’t make sense for migrants that enter the country illegally. (She supplied no poll numbers supporting that claim.)

“Virtually all Americans agree that it makes no sense that an illegal alien sets one foot on American soil and then they would go through a three to five-year judicial process to be removed from the country,” Sanders said.
She said the President wants “secure borders and a very legal and easy immigration process.”

Sanders was responding to a question about Trump’s Sunday rant on Twitter that called for immigrants to be deported without “judges” or “court cases.”

Watch the video below.

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